Call for maximum action to stop the coronavirus

The UK Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Colin Leys The UK government’s handling of the pandemic does not look good. The country is locked down at enormous economic, social, and psychological cost, while the number of people dying from the infection is rising towards a thousand a day. As a result of the lockdown, which began on 23 March, it is hoped […] Read more »

Facing the COVID-19 Crisis in Poland

The Polish government has prioritised protecting the profits of the financial sector and large companies and placing the burden of the crisis on working people. Gavin Rae writes: The numbers of those infected or killed by the COVID-19 virus in Poland have remained low in comparison to many western European countries. This is because the […] Read more »

South Africa: the coming storm in health and state

“Disasters are political. Disease is also political. Class determines who has medical aid and who does not, who has access to water, sanitation and safe means for heating and lighting and who does not.“ Abahlali baseMjondolo (homeless people’s movement), 22 March 2020 David Hemson writes: With a declaration of a state of disaster by President […] Read more »

Spain promotes contingency plan against domestic violence

As concerns rise internationally about the incidence of domestic violence during lockdown, the Spanish state’s Ministry of Equality has published a ‘Contingency Plan against gender violence in the face of the COVID-19 crisis’. The Plan includes a citizen awareness campaign, which calls on society as a whole to work together against gender based violence. “March […] Read more »

Cancel local authority debt

To provide councils with resources which are desperately needed for this unprecedented crisis, cancel the debt owed to the Public Works Loans Board, writes Martin Wicks. Taking on more debt is not the only way to create spending power. Debt cancellation, for instance the debt owed by local authorities to the Public Works Loans Board […] Read more »

The pandemic, the working class and the Left

Andrew Burgin writes: The Coronavirus pandemic is accelerating across the world. Every few days the scope and scale of the disease is increasing. Hundreds of thousands of people are being infected, many thousands have already died and many tens of thousands will die. In China where the outbreak was first identified, it has been brought […] Read more »

Lessons from the onset of the Covid-19 crisis in Greece

This is an important report from Takis Georgakopoulos, head of the intensive care unit at the hospital of Patra for many years. Takis was also head of the national organisation of public health prevention policies during the Syriza government. Starting from Achaia region… The first case of Covid-19 infection in Greece was identified at the […] Read more »


By Joy Johnson For ten years they starved us cut doctors and nurses who treated us devalued social workers who cared for us bosses mocked and taunted us you work with us not for us employment became bogus secure jobs became precarious cyclists modern day pack horses eight hours to zero they texted us we […] Read more »