Call for maximum action to stop the coronavirus


By Joy Johnson For ten years they starved us cut doctors and nurses who treated us devalued social workers who cared for us bosses mocked and taunted us you work with us not for us employment became bogus secure jobs became precarious cyclists modern day pack horses eight hours to zero they texted us we […] Read more »

Reorganise the whole economy to fight the virus

We need to call for a shift of all human labour, effort and production into areas such as healthcare, health equipment and food that will aid the effort for our collective survival. Read more »


The UK government has belatedly promised to intensify testing of NHS patients with coronavirus in hospitals. Yet incredibly, doctors, nurses, and NHS staff have not been systematically tested throughout the pandemic, even though they may be exposed to the virus through patients. This means that they run the risk of spreading the disease amongst their […] Read more »

Coronavirus will require us to completely reshape the economy

The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is a far more profound event for the global economy than the great financial crisis of 2008-9. It will have more significant consequences for the simple reason that it is operating at a more fundamental level of our economic relationships than the 2008-9 crash ever did. By James Meadway Read more »

We can help one another through this epidemic

We can help one another through this epidemic, and simultaneously organize to make governments, employers, welfare offices and landlords give us what we will need to survive. By Jonathan Neale Read more »

On the pandemic and disabled people

Across the communities of disabled people there are increasing numbers voicing their anger and frustration at the apparent disregard for the needs and interests of Disabled people of all ages by the Johnson government during the current pandemic. By Bob Williams-Findlay Read more »

Pandemic exposes government security failure

For some years, pandemics have been designated as tier one threats to our security. So why does Britain find itself signally unprepared for the coronavirus, with insufficient equipment, staff and infrastructure to serve its people? By Kate Hudson Read more »

A warning letter from Barcelona

Carmen Lee in Barcelona writes: Hello all, I am writing to you from my fourth day in coronavirus quarantine, here in Barcelona, Spain. This is a message to everyone - please take this virus seriously. I want to share with you what is happening here now, what the consequences are of a delayed response. Read more »

Coronavirus and community activism

How can we centre community organising and mutual aid in response to coronavirus? By Jonathan Neale Read more »