Call for maximum action to stop the coronavirus


The UK government has belatedly promised to intensify testing of NHS patients with coronavirus in hospitals. Yet incredibly, doctors, nurses, and NHS staff have not been systematically tested throughout the pandemic, even though they may be exposed to the virus through patients. This means that they run the risk of spreading the disease amongst their family members whenever they go home.

According to consultant cardiologist Mark Gallagher: “ The policy is that I don’t need to be tested, and even the people who have been in contact with me aren’t going to be tested.” A junior doctor in an emergency assessment unit has started a petition, called “Test frontline NHS staff for Covid-19 as a priority”, which has so far attracted nearly 700,000 signatures.

We are launching the Twitter hashtag #testNHSstaff, calling on the government to carry out systematic Covid-19 testing for NHS staff as a matter of urgency. Just post a picture of yourself with the placard #testNHSstaff, retweet, and share. Or simply post the placard.

Just being we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean we can’t still campaign to do the right thing!