Call for maximum action to stop the coronavirus

Initial open letter and signatures

If we do not change their minds quickly, Boris Johnson and the UK government will be responsible for a frightening number of unnecessary deaths. We need a massive campaign now to make them change course.

The World Health Organization says ‘Do not let this fire burn’; that governments should identify, track, isolate and treat each case. Governments all over Europe are closing schools, cancelling events and trying to lockdown the virus.

Our government is doing none of those things. They are planning for a fast epidemic that infects at least 40% of the population within the next two or three months. Then, they say, the survivors will be immune. In the meantime, the dying will have absolutely overwhelmed the NHS. Older people and those with chronic illnesses will go without treatment. Ministers are also briefing the newspapers that we cannot close the schools because it will cost 3% of GDP.

Public pressure can change the government approach.

• We need isolation for everyone who is sick, treatment for everyone who needs it, and testing for everyone who asks for it. Now.
• Where we do not have the capacity, bend every sinew and spend every pound we can to create the capacity.
• We need the government and employers to pay people who have to stay home because they are sick or to look after children.
• We need to make sure everyone has food and medicines. All that will be expensive. So spend the money.

We cannot campaign in the usual ways. But there are ways to work both online and face to face.

We need individual names, some of celebrities, but most from the rest of us. Groups are also very important – faith communities, local and national groups of unions, campaigns, NGOs and political parties, book groups, sports clubs and so on. The more signups we get, the more influential people and organisations will sign up. We must mobilise our entire society to stop the virus – and we must make links across borders, in solidarity against this truly global catastrophe.

Get the word out online. Show each other we are a mass movement. Do whatever you want, but please keep using the hashtag #ProtectThePeople, so we build the movement our society urgently needs.

Together we can move the government. Please help us act swiftly before it’s too late. Every day matters.

Jonathan Neale, writer
Andrew Burgin, bookseller
Laura Dubinsky, barrister
Dr Sophie Williams, NIHR Clinical Fellow
Shakti Maragh, Former Infection Prevention Control Lead
Carol Dent, NHS nurse
Peter Smith, Scottish Ambulance Service
Brian Eno, Musician
Nancy Lindisfarne, anthropologist and writer
Kate Hudson, general secretary CND
Bruce Kent, vice president CND
David Townsend, Disability Labour, Vice Chair
Lorraine Harding, Assistant Secretary, Disability Labour
Ken Loach, filmmaker
Professor Gilbert Achcar, SOAS University of London
Paul Mackney, former general secretary UCU (formerly NATFHE)
Hilary Wainwright, co-editor, Red Pepper
Suresh Grover, Monitoring Group
Shaun Dey, Reel News
Fliss Premru, Reel News
Richard Gerrard, Southwark Labour Party
Manuela Beste, Haringey Labour Party
David Wilson, author and playwright
Doug Thorpe, Left Unity
Dr Richard Barbrook, University of Westminster, Digital Liberties Co-operative
Cherry Sewell, branch chair, Coppetts Labour Party
Nick Evans, History, Cambridge University
Nick Dearden
Guy Taylor
Prof Nando Sigona
Suzy Gillett, filmmaker
Tansy Hoskins, author Foot Work
Tom Unterrainer, vice chair, CND
Dr Joseph Healy, principal speaker, Left Unity
Mathew Crighton, climate campaigner and trade unionist
Miriyam Aouragh, University of Westminster
Mike Arnott, Secretary of Dundee Trades Council
Eliza Hilton, Unite Branch Secretary
Prof Pablo Mukherjee, Warwick University
Hannan Majid, Rainbow Collective
Richard York, Rainbow Collective
Tom Sanderson, Citizen
Nick Bailey, Hackney Labour Party
Wendy Pettifer, Hackney Labour Party
Matt Carr, writer and campaigner
Bel Jacobs, writer and speaker on climate change
Felicity Dowling, national secretary Left Unity
Jim Hollinshead, UCU
Chrissie Mashford,
Mitch Mitchell, Refugee Lifeboat, rs21
Louise Russell, citizen with immune compromised loved ones
Anne Christie
John Sinha
Seema Syeda, Student
Anthony Adams, Pensioner
Cllr Shaista Aziz, Oxford City Council
Julie Ward, Former Labour MEP
Malcolm McDonald,
Dr Natacha Kennedy, Sociologist
Michael Tucker
Edward Blackmore
Rosemary Nolan,
Lydia Stanley, landscape designer. Poet
Bianca Todd, Ron Todd Foundation
Charlotte Stoyles, Community Social Worker
Ian Allinson, socialist and union activist
Sheila Dunsby, Community Court Yard
Sam Travers, single mother of two young children
Ellie Oldridge, Education
Eva Watson-Abbott
Rose Stevens
Geoff Gibas
Carol Chapman, Accountant
Barry Edwards, retired former local councillor
Caroline Richardson, welfare researcher
Jane Middleton, food poverty campaigner, PhD student
Alice Bennett, chair, Garston and Halewood CLP
Nancy Scannell-Newsome, retired
Frank Little
Rose Bridger, Global Anti-Aerotropolis Movement (GAAM)
Annette Clarke
Andrea Pisauro, researcher, University of Oxford
Professor Luke Desar Sela, RAA SOA
Richard Atkinson
Rhetta Moran, RAPAR
Leyla De Amicis
Richard Smith, microbiologist
Joan Twelves, Labour Party member, community activist
Dorothy Guerrero, Global Justice Now
Dr Suzanne Gannon, retired teacher
Sue Sparks, Unite
James Dart, Inspire EU
Janet Kingdom
Julie Vincent, Registered Nurse, NHS
Gareth Murphy, Unite Community Camden
Alison Hughes, Chronic Asthma Sufferer
Lucy warin
Sue Hughes
Fran Springfield, Co-Chair Disability Labour
George Binette, Hackney North & Stoke Newington Labour
Dr Victoria Canning
Mary Hamnett
Victoria Bentiba
Cinzia Rienzo, King’s College London
Brian Collier, Labour member
Fiona Macdonald, concerned citizen
Andrea Burford, Unite Community Leicestershire
Sandy Paul, Poplar and Limehouse Labour Party
Cheryl Bould, parent, socialist
Sue Akehurst
Jane Greaves
Laura Novo de Azevedo
Andolie Marguerite, lecturer, Goldsmiths University of London
Daniel Catherall
Alison Lord, teacher
Anne Muirhead, Type1LCUK
Mary Burgess, former teacher
Sarah Stewart, T1 mum, granny, partner, friend
Anita Husband, Labour Party
John Miguel King
Roy Wilkes, Bury South Labour Party member. Pensioner.
Geoff Birchenall
Stephen Husband, retail assistant
Carolina Graterol, Labour Party
David Gibas, sport psychologist
Jenny Barlow, parent of a child with underlying health issues
Phyllis Donlsn
Polly Conroy, retired counsellor
Hadeel Ali
Gabriela-Loredana Tepes
Mark Cousins
Sandy Critchley, writer
Mary Davies
Mark Butcher
Giorgia Prati
Les Jordan, concerned individual
Adam DC, Unite workplace rep
Zena Brabazon, Haringey councilllor
Carole Wilson, retired secretary and Labour Party member
Peter Rogers, retired
Philip Connell, retired
Joanne Fawcett, psychotherapist
Sam O’Brien
Amanda Grimm
Philip Rose, Haringey Unite Community
Ruth Gordon, councillor
Khadija Syeda
Stephanie Grant, Tottenham
Anjona Roy, Northamptonshire County Councillor for St George Division (Labour)
Eileen Foster
Igor Prates
Tina Nicos
Jonathan Cooper, actor, lifeguard
Karen Constantine, County Councillor, Kent
Karen O’Reilly, South Northants Labour Party
Alice Marshall
Jan Kilsby
Phil Vellender, retired university lecturer
Keith Dobie
Ann Wiles
Zarria Phillips, Unite
Duncan Ashworth
Sylvia Dobie
Josh Elton,
Chris Neville, Bury South Labour Party
Mark Herbert Benoît Findlay, Retired
Beny Mabi, RAPAR
Daniel Ashton
Kerry Jessett
Miranda Armstrong
Martin Boyd, shop assistant
Mairead Canavan, NEU
Stephen Bellas, Higher Education
Sharon Chapman
Jessica Devnani
Jennifer Ahlqvist, translator
Hendy Armstrong
Kay Lawrence
Martin McGinley, NHS worker
Moyra Jean
Sally Morawetz, retired, Women’s Officer for Nottingham East Labour Party
Peter Nowland
Melissa Friedberg
Dawn Harris, education
Professor Roger Bromley, Community Councillor
Christopher Barnatt, Futurist & YouTuber
Peter Hill, History, Northumbria University
Maria Curtin
Siân Thomas
Sue Wilson, Chair, Bremain in Spain
T Simpson
Shuba Rao, The Shift Collective
G Everett
Roni Digir, Counsellor
Ben Saxon
Angela Rae
Jane Clarke, charity volunteer
Yvonne Haigh, childminder and mother
Marc Willby
Almuth Ernsting
Steve Henshall, SEN Teacher, Tower Hamlets
John G Walker
Michael Burgess, Teacher
Gill Duane
Geinor Morgan
Julie Bates
Geinor Morgan
Lowri Nicholson, Student
Ffion Nicholson, Student
Una O’Brien
Lauren Logan
Salma Yaqoob, NHS Mental Health Trust
Richard Warren
Carly Hurst
Juliet Anderson, Physiotherapist
Hazel Croft
Wendy Walton
Judith Kahn
Oktay Sahbaz, Teacher
Bridget Power, Admin NHS
Joanna Locke
Dr Hugo Pedroso de Lima, Eigen Technologies
Jill Narin
Dulcie Ogilvie, retired headteacher
Susan Askey
Andrea Bomanson, support officer for unpaid carers
Jane Morley
Tiziana Capurso, housekeeper in care home
Sophia Lycouris
Lorna Telford
Margaret Egerton,
Nicola Ansell, Brunel University
Marisa Henson, University Lecturer
Chris Cook Cann
Phil Semmens
Pip Crawforth
Dave Rendle
Aysha Chamberlain, Waitress
Elisabeth Sanneh, Over-70 Administrator
Paul Crawforth
Lewis Rose
Michelle Campbell, Support worker
Sarah Parker, socialist campaigner
Sabrina Tucci
Syd Kent, Pensioner and military veteran
Androulla Antorka
Raza Husain, Barrister
Clare Fermont
J N Marshall
Val Gillies, Professor of Social Policy and Criminology
Kate Aldous
Richard Smith, Microbiologist
Alison Hughes, chronic asthma sufferer
Caroline Ellis, District Councillor, Somerset West and Taunton
Cinzia Rienzo, King’s College London
Suhayla El-Bushra, writer
Teresa Degenhardt, Queen’s University Belfast
Annette Le Sage
Steve benson, Psychotherapist
Abigail Tuddenham, school federation chair of Safeguarding
Julie Lewis, Retired
Deirdre McGuinness, Physiotherapist
Stephen Marks
Dave Jones, Trade unionist socialist
Dr Antti Saario, Head of Department
Richard Deacon
Sheila Innes, Retired
Maria Chatzichristodoulou, Associate Professor
Carel Buxton, West Ham Labour Party
Anne Taylor
James McCue, Business owner
Davide De Rose, Musician/Producer
John Stout, Retired
Neil Riley, Medical Student
Brenda Spencer, Public Health
Craig Lewis, UCU (retired NEC member)
Kate Geary, Campaigner
Eddie Doveton, Retired Lecturer
Josh M, Nurse
Lesley Boulton
Alison Blayney, Retired
Antonia Logue, Writer
Christine Johnson, Teacher
Patricia Morfitt, Person with symptoms who can’t access testing
Toni Pugh
Anwar Punekar
Marina Prentoulis, UEA
Jamie Milligan
Adrian Scott
Ben Wilson, DJ
Aine Ryan, NHS
Tina Osiecki
Sylvie Harkinson, Old lady!
Pam Bennett-McGurk, Community worker
Fiona Simmons
Tea Patovaara
Nina Tailor, Gathering Place Films
Tom Tailor, Gathering Place Films
Jane Raby
Anthony Jackson-Kerr, Credit Controller
David Baker
Sarah Camplin, Young carer support worker
Marko, Nottingham East Labour Member
Mark Dixon
Lesley-Anne McDonald, Student nurse and also work as a carer
Linda Benjamin , Women’s Officer, Chipping Barnet CLP
Micky LeVoguer, Lecturer
Sandra Kelly
Zoë Ellery,
Keith Stoddart
Linda Benjamin , Women’s Officer, Chipping Barnet CLP
Roland Rance, Walthamstow Labour Party, East London Unite Community
Shani Kara
Lydia Collins
Kathleen Clarke, Mum
John Wilton, Professor/Author
Susan Pashkoff, Leyton and Wanstead Labour Party, East London Unite Community
Kirstin Parkinson, Teacher
Michael Roberts
Tony Foley, teacher, Bearwood
Pamela Stevens, Wales LU Chair
Elise burgess, Script supervisor
Julie Speed, community volunteer
Olga Plocienniczak, Administrator, University of Cambridge
Bill Bolloten
Gary Madden
Michael Crosland, Chair Labour International Netherlands Branch
Frank Casey, Sculptor
Annemarie Hiscott, Mother
John Swinburne, Teacher
Jodie Power
Jane Warren
Maxine Anderson
Ferdinando Salamino
Carol White,
Julie Walker,
Clifford Cocker, Journalist
Sharon Frese, Arts Practitioner former RGN HV
Brian Topping, Retired
John Cropper
Dagmar Banister, OU lecturer
Matthew Parker
Anne Dean, Retired NHS community service manage/nurse
Khudzi V Mabunda, Hairdresser
Ingrid Green
Mitchell Hawes
Donna Foster, Local Government Officer
Elizabeth McKenna, Social Worker
Robert Giliglu, Self Employed
Kate Burden, Therapeutic Counsellor
Louise Horsfall
Fiona Donohoe
Merilyn Moos, Writer
Carla Johnson
Caroline Cook, UK citizen
Maureen Dickens, Retired
Christian Algar, Library worker
Martin Goodsell, Unite Community
Steve Ryan, Retired civil servant
Rae Fairbairn, Council worker
Elspeth Inglis
Wayne Minor, Writer and publisher
Ivan Wels, NEU/Labour Party
Louise Morrey, Retired
Anna Milligan
Peter Nash
Joy Bratherton, Labour Party Councillor
Donna Willson
Paula Sanchez,
Adele Griffiths, Unite member
Barney Alexander
Jo Gillies, Transcriptionist
Izzie Blanden, Carer Adult Social Care
Kathy Nixon, Retired Registered Childminder
Harriet English, Teacher
Kate Amphlett, Education
William Young, Retired
Lauren Smith
Mark Laverty
Becky Newman
Louise Harrison, Women’s Lives Matter
Fatos Ulger
Jo Dickons, Mum to three children with disabilities
Rafe Fitzpatrick
Jacqui Burke
Phil Boyce, Writer
Mandy Powis, Citizen
Pauline Hall
Sarah Hull, Teacher
Nico Pollen, Disability Labour Exec member
Elisabetta Micklewright, Freelance
Sarah Cookson, full time mum
Jim McEwan, Individual
Richard Ross
Rebecca Boner-Rubin, Consultant
Tom Bliss
Paul Pateman, Foster Carer
Georgia Stone
Jill Murdoch, Lecturer
Georgina Reeves-Saad
Sophie Roberts, investor
Jasvinder Khosa
Carol McGuigan, Labour Party Berlin branch secretary
Stephanie Daley, Teaching assistant and Mom to an ‘at risk’ teenager
Barbara Lamplugh, writer
Luciana Lujan, NHS health care assistant
Val Macconnell
Martin Challender, Bolton Unison Communications Officer
Tony fisher, 65 / disabled artist
Amanda Bentham, Teacher
Ana Claudia Surian da Silva, Lecturer
Lindsey Iqbal
Bonnie Craven
Austin Harney, PCS
Tony Staunton, Campaign Against Climate Change
Anthony C Prywata
Louise Clark
Margaret Hanson
Christine Tongue
Melissa guest, Web consultant/parent
Lesley Carty, Teacher
Ruth Chadwick
Sarah Spence, Labour Party member / concerned mum
Jerry Simon, Concerned citizen
Maria Dziedzan, Writer
Rosie Brighty, Engineer
Terry Conway
Barry Dixon
Susan Muchmore, Mother
Lynne Edmunds, Retired Midwife
Kay Trebaczyk, Teacher
Claire Smith, Teacher
C. Jenkins, Housewife
Philip Gadd
Hogan Raymond, Retired
John Hayes, Human Being, not guinea pig
Carol Alevroyianni , SALTo Arts Productions
Justine Gordon-Smith, Filmmaker, community worker and academic
Debra Urbacz, Teacher
Cathy Braithwaite, Mental health adviser
christine sweeney, Teacher
Birgit Fujer
Rita Williams,
Nicola Morris, Farmer & Maths Teacher
Florence Hill, Retired
Sarah Carrier, Charity Worker
Ian Venables
Sharon McCourt , Left Unity
Clare Brown
Heather Nicholls
Paul Mellor, Blyth Valley Labour Party
Jan Nolan
Laraine Mitchell
Laurence Taylor, Member of Public
Cath Ryde, Chair, Bolton West Labour Party
Steve Walker
Elisa Gusmini, University Lecturer
Pam Bromley, Councillor, Rossendale Borough Council
Jane Kelly, Labour Party
Carol A Starr
Penny Newman
Joy Etheridge
Dylan Davies
Nicholas Fisher, Carer
Lorraine Tye, Retired
Max Barrie
Sue Flewitt, Teacher
Paul Johnson
Julian Phillips
Rhona Cloudsley, teacher
Filiz McNamara,
Dr Alan Maddison
Jim Forsyth
Michelle Hirst, Self Employed
Tracy McClymont, Individual
Kathryn Bole, Disability Labour
Martyn Walker, Teacher
Anna Phillips
Sylvia Dyke
Maria Kapajeva, Artist
Anne Pridmore, Being the Boss
Lydia McGill, PhD student
Allan Todd, Retired member of NEU (ex-NUT)
Rachel Wray, Author
Brian Dooley,
Linda Scott, NHS
Helen Tucker
Bobbi Walker, Cinema Experience manager
Robin Little, Retired
Richard Shillcock, Academic
Lucia Backett
Danny Shell
Siobhan Kierans , Retired
Sally Farrands, Retired teacher
Judit Morva, Worker’s Party Hungary
Caroline Rault
Michelle Ryan
Robin Bradbury, Artist
Valerie Bradbury
Susan Charlesworth
Susan Swinburn, South Lincolnshire Blind Society
Mark Ritson
Phil Jones, Pensioners Against the Cull
Nixon Tod, Education worker and UNISON rep
Robert Daniels
Pat Thane, Professor
Irena Fick, Older Feminist Network
Dorothy Reich, Teacher
S Edridge
Angela Picknell, Labour councillor, Teacher
Emma Toposki, Musician
Tom Heavey, Retired
Patricia Curtin, Retiree
Ghazala Manzoor
Jean Marson-Bayat, Concerned grandparent, retired lecturer & ESOL teacher
Roger Barley, Life member of UCU, formerly NATFHE
Sara Boas, Leadership coach
Ross Bradshaw, Five Leaves Bookshop
Lee Lowton
Patricia Grayly
Alan Freeman, Writer, Photographer, Artist
Kate Green, Counsellor & Psychotherapist, works for NHS
Janet Bryan, Union Rep
Damien Willey, Unpaid carer for two disabled people, one of whom is immunosuppressed.
mike cowley, EIS FELA union
Gill George, Retired clinician, former Unite EC representing health workers, NHS campaigner
Rashida Islam
Lynn Paterson, Retired teacher
Mark Lennon
Mahi Raheel, citizen
Una Sharkey
Wendy Richardson
Gary Ross
Richard Kuper, Labour Party, Highgate branch, UCU retired member
Angie Mindel, Retired
Pete Firmin
Donna Neil
John Kelly
Val Hooper
Dr David Webb
Mohammed Iqbsln, Founder Trustee, Association of Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons of UK Foundation
Asia Khatun
Romaine King
Brian Parsons
Alana Heaney
Barbara Segal, Left Unity & pensioner campaigns in Bristol
James Geraghty
Elaine Stanley, Artist
Daniel Platts
Samantha Mason, GMB/Walthamstow Labour Party
Terence Mandrell
Monserrat Marshall, stay at home mum
Carrol Clark,
Jonny Evans, Islington Labour member
Eileen Simpsin
Sebastian Balfour
Gordon Waring
Debbie Jenkins, Youth worker
Paul Shipstone, Teacher
Judy Atkinson, retired doctor
Anne Musker, Disability Labour executive member
Lynda Featherstone
Una Doyle, NEU
Pat Sanchez, Retired
Karina Garcia, Teacher
Seth Havens
John Stuttle, Father of the Unite Chapel at the Guardian and Observer
Diane Pearson
Jane Connor, Labour Party member
Gillian Meldrum, Retired lecturer
Sandra Scott, Teacher (retired)
Sherran Chalkley, Retired teacher
Serazul I Islam
Anthony Cox
Rosemary Myers
Donatella Diani-Walsha, Disability Advisor
Raymond R K McCabe, Community Learning and Development Worker
Connor Beaton, Journalist and socialist campaigner
Giovanna Dunmall, Freelance journalist
Andrew Strange, Retired
Andrew Stupart, Concerned member of humanity
Will Strange
Linda Ndiweni
David Hassall, Labour party member
Carole Wilkinson
Heather Clark
Sandy McBurney
Sara Field, Self-employed teacher
Giles Blower, Local govt officer
Coral Fineman, Refuse collector
John Ridgman, Care Assistant
Alison Dawson
Shoma Mazumder, Subtitler
Irene Spencer Timson
Jacqueline Gruhn, Retired
Mark Drybrough, Masters Student in Public Health
Lesley Green
Robert Bunday
E J Z Hogg-Johnson, Support worker
Prof John Hunt, Disability Labour
Stephen Dennison
Karen-Claire Voss, Retired professor of the history of religions
Camilla Greene
Jeannie Le Mesurier
Tom Delargy
Annie Fatet, Retired translator
Jude Lochhead
Sam Williams, psychotherapist
A Marchant
Sarah Jones
Averil Parkinson
Anneliese Roddison
Trevor Roberts, Welfare Rights Advocate
Kate Lattimore
Rebecca Fry, Artist with low immune system currently
William 0wen, Retired
Vicky Leverett, LLA
Brian Clarke
Lisa McIntyre, Benefit Adviser, Labour Party member, DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts)
Peter Robbins,
Ken Syme, Cheltenham Labour Left Alliance
Julie Stevenson, has vulnerable relative
Suzanne McGuinness, civil servant
Jane Lambe
Terry Bell-Halliwell
Glenn Fisher, Caretaker
Ann Teemal, NHS Nurse
Carole Lynne Fyfe
Ian Grozdanovic-Whittle, Community Support Worker
Ceri Williams
Claire Jackson
Margaret Dunne
Meredith Hadaway
Putnoki Gabriella
Patricia Innes
Gabriella Putnoki
Steve Cushion, Secretary, UCU London Retired Members
Ann Beddow, Retired
Helena Chatburn
Marta Garcia, Carer
Steph Bushby
Jan Howe, retired
John Purcell
Christopher O’Neill
Amanda Lay
Fiona Gordon, Social care commissioner
Simon Temple
Serkan Baykusoglu, Finance Manager
Kat Pearce, Retired
Jeanette Copperman
Annabelle Sreberny
Jeanette Copperman, Social work
Peter Chalk, Lecturer
Melanie Morrison
Gill Mcinnes, Retired professor
Derek Lee
Jo Hill
Terry Deans, Self Employed Gardener
Rachel Hirsch, Individual
Simon Clarke, Retired lecturer
John McCallum
Gill Wright, Retired
Madeleine Buxton
Margaret Leigh
Peter Wickenden
Zulma Wickenden
Elengo Manoussaki
John Bernard
David Corrigan
Anthony O’Connell, Self-employed tutor
Erin Doherty, Student Social Worker
Prof Barbara Harriss-White, Oxford University
Graham Burchell, Translator
Kathryn Johnson, Labour Party, ex-local government senior manager
Graham McKerrow, Retired journalist
Abbey Foster, Student
Lezley Marion Cameron, City of Edinburgh Councillor
Andrea Neill
Andiswa Kedawa, Health counsellor
Brian Peart, Self0employed
Anne Roderick, Retired teacher and social worker
Mark Flack
Andrea Cornwall
Patricia Cassidy
Michael Ellman, Solicitor
Amanda Woolley
Annie Tunnicliffe
Gavin Edwards
Jan Burgin
Yvonne Bannister
Richard Tapper, retired professor
Nayanika Mookherjee, Durham University
Jason Hart, University of Bath
Sandra Lawler
Una Sapietis
Elizabeth Hancock, Retired
Ian Birchall, Retired lecturer
Gina Nicholson, Retired
Imran Butt
Mary Jo Clogg, retired
Sara Mayo, Unite Community
Mark Richford
Patrick Naylor, Call Centre agent
Jane Peart
Stephen Kapos, Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Gerry Woodcock
Tanya Dowdall
Anthea Blackmore
Stephen Millrine
Stelios Foteinopoulos, Public Policy specialist
John McMahon, engineer
Liz Hodgson, Singer and community volunteer
Joy Clifford
Richard Lorriman, Retired
Jeannette Nelson, Lecturer (retired)
Daniele Minns, Individual
Daniele Imara, Person
Judit Somi
Simon Beaumont, Care Worker
Melanie O’Shea
Anne de Boisgelin
Maeve Landman
Kieran Billington, Support worker
Kathryn Unsworth, Grandma
Susan Wardle
Richard Dixon-Payne
Elizabeth Arlango, Retired lecturer
Nicholas Hurwood
Jim Westwood
Vicky Grandon, Activist
Philip Watts, Retired Teacher
Cathy Jarman
Bob Whitehead, Left Unity
Stephen Barton, priest and academic theologian
Dilys Hadley
Jake Douglas, Retired lecturer
Jan Woolf, Writer
Mary O’Sullivan, Freelance journal
Catherine McEwan, Retired
Ken Thomas, Former President of NATFHE
Elaine Ginsburg, Retired solicitor
Martin Mckenzie
Dick Jones
Christine Dougan
Saleem Akbar
Patrick Molloy, Adult Education
Dr Lula Mecinska, Lecturer
Jen Durant, NHS worker
Sylvia Howells
Bruce Self, nurse
Julia Modern
Clara Paillard, President of PCS Culture Group
Emma Whitby, Sefton Central CLP
Anna Sherbany, educator & visual artist
Erica Levy, Retired teacher
Andrew Wilson, Lydiate Parish Council
Teresa Hayter
Steven Freel
Phil Potter, Retired
Gail Aakel
Paul McNally, Campaign for Socialism
Helen Glazier, Labour Party
Catherine Murphy, TSSA
Carol Richert Hart
Jane B, Cancer patient
Penny Best, artist, therapist, grandmother
Anne Williams, Member Church in Wales
Carol Richards
Ciaran O’Doherty
Margaret Sully, retired Clinical Physiologist
Georgina Cruickshank, Labour Councillor, Dundee
Dr Julia Bird, Clinical psychologist
Dianne Le Goff
Sky Lark
Julie Innes, Senior lecturer
Chris Carlsen, Environmental Scientists
Amanda Hill, Senior Lecturer in Social Work
Hayley Clark
James Hall
Simon Ellis
Gary Walthew, Taxi Driver
Bob McNair, Councillor, Trade Unionist and Labour Party Member
Helen Jelly, Horticulturist
Wendy Nowak
Allan Mcwilliam
Sandra Segui
Gaynor Wall
Mandy Singh, Ex-Nurse
Pádraigín Uí Raifeartaigh
Jonathan Eastmond, Retired
Carol O’Neill
Gordon Butler-Smith, Parent, Slaithwaite
Colin Farrell, Retired
Sandra Dunn
Nicola Lawson, University of Bristol
Charles Britton
Paul Gardner
Clare Bickle
Jenny Ford
Katharine Roberts, Teacher
Carole Leathwood
Janet Cheng, Pensioner
Jeannie Smith, Retired
John Giddins, Retired
Geraldine Thorpe, UCU (Retired)
Amy Radmore
Eileen Cottis, Retired lecturer
Dr Laura Jacobus,
Janet Cheng, Retired translator
Angela Rai
Helen Fenton , Psychotherapist
Alison Meeds, UCU retired
Alison Zagni, Retired midwife
Debbie Vaughan, Marketing Services Coordinator
Clarise Mutoka, Entrepreneur
Bhavini Patel ,
Debbie Friedman, Psychotherapist
Andy Heath
Tim J Woolliscroft,
Sue Hingley, Clinical Psychologist
Sandra Wyman, Disability Officer, Leeds NE CLP
Andy Hewett
Sylvia Cohen, Retired Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Karen Anne Bis, Family Support Worker for Social Services
Rebecca McCabe, Teacher
Jill Woodward
Aneira Roose-McClew, Educator
Jian Zhang, student
Gerald George Shaw
Lana Haynes
Tony Mercer, Retired Probation Officer
Gemma Davies, Psychotherapist
Libby McAlpine, NHS Midwife
Heidi Cox, Housewife
Mary Evers , Osteopath
Laura Osorio
Rob Marsden, Vice Chair, Tamworth Labour Party (personal capacity)
Peter Chilvers
JB Webb-Benjamin, Founder and CEO of Vox Messenger
Lisa Crane, Special Needs Primary Teacher
Wendy Roberts
Suzanne Ward
Jane de Sausmarez
Alexandra Savage, Housewife
Dr Philip Ward
Wang Li, overseas student
Robin Cant
George Brewis, Floorlayer / carer
Maïa Pal, Senior Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University
Dr Dana Naomi Mills
Karen Mulcahey, Lecturer and freelancer
Mark Wills, Health data analyst
Melanie O’Rourke
Joanna Sikorska-Adamowicz
Gordon Scobie
Macu Gisbert Aguilar, Mental health nurse
Maria Line
Susan Dann
Abby Ross
Nikki Wordsmith, Writer
Max Major, Psychologist
Lesley Crawford
Molly Cochran
Nigel Cutts
Alice Bennett
Richard Carabine, Teacher
Andrew Craig, Psychotherapist
Deborah Collenette
Nora Riordan, HE/FE Lecturer
Anna Takkula, Retired
Sarah Stockwell, Doctor
David Farmer
Soreh Levy, Acupuncturist
David King, Writer
Kalbir Kaur-Mann,
Jaqui Creamer, Teacher
Beth Mark, A mother and a daughter
Annette Brennan , Retired
John Hammond, UCU
Maria Reupricht, Media Sales Manager
Gemma Mattison, Social worker and parent of child with health issues
Joan Rowley
Lynda Hillyer
Martin Duce
Jo Wall
Jenny Fortune
Gail Reed, Artist UCU retired member
Simon Roth, Musician
Matthew Green, Accountant
Melissa Softley, Teacher
Leon wheddon, Factory worker
Monica Shannon, Employed
Tsvetelina Petrova, Cleaner
Linda Di Marco
Rachel Brookes-Jones, Mother, protector of 3yr old cancer patient son
Marie Shipp
Owen Holland, UCL UCU
Morag Lennie, Retired Social Worker
Dinah Mulholland, Ceredigion Labour Party, Unite
Geoff Ryan, Retired mental health nurse
Alan Sekers, Retired
Allan McIntyre
Irene Newcombe
Catherine Richardson
Babar Chughtai, Business Consultant
Simon Mohun
Alessandra Martines, Concerned daughter of an 84 year old social butterfly
Michele Connor, Nurse
Andrew Powis, Property Developer
Carole Wood, Disabled
Mandy Hetherton
Michelle Edinburgh
Susan Shearon, Manager of Retirement Apartments
Patricia Sheerin, Human rights activist
Lynda Bennett, Social worker
Richard Eason, Labour & Co-operative Councillor; Community Activist.
Mary Haig
Bernard Bennett, Retired headteacher
Chua Huey Uven Amelea, 4th Year Politics and International Relations Programme Representative, University of Edinburgh
Margaret Gover, Retired Midwife
Carol Snoad
Cordelia Mayfield
Eileen Venner
Alan Thornett, Red Green Labour
Mary Baker, Complementary health
Greg Peakin, Retired UCU Member
Tim Watdon, Labour member
Sandra Plummer
Karen Harrison, Company Secretary
Diane Miles
Bruce Whitehead
John Ellis
Lynn Bird, Retired
Carolyn Westwood , Business owner, Retired nurse/midwife/public health nurse
Dean Eaketts, Customer Assistant
Dr Diana Young, Teacher, Left Unity
Frank Brookes
Norman John Graves, UCL
Peter Cooper, CWU, Labour Party
Rosa Hardt, Support Worker
Ian Drummond, Edinburgh Eastern Labour Party
Fiona Lynas, Retired
John Whitworth, Councillor, Labour Party Member
Ralph Levinson, Academic
Paula Weichandt
Helen Barton
Stuart Porthouse
Irene Winsby, Retired photographer
Nk Weaver
Astrid Wilson
Sofia Vargas
Kim Vodden
Adam Johannes, Cardiff Socialist Forum
Dr. Tina Managhan, Oxford Brookes University
Clara Bricard, Freelancer
Bella Radenovic, PhD candidate
Ailsa Reynolds
Kate Newland, Retired school business manager
J. Ashford, Have auto immune disease and kidney disease, age 70+
Anne Duffy
Di O’Carroll
Anna Samsom
Philomena Digings, Author
Natalie Premru, Agency worker
Tamsin Barber, Oxford Brookes University
Carol Glover, European/British citizen
Miró Chairiello
Amy McCallum, Actress
Clive Marcus
Richard Kirkwood, former secretary Islington TUC
Nancy Elan, Musician
Sybil Ashton, Retired person
Reg Lewis
David Mallalieu
Brigitte Chaudhry MBE, Retired teacher; Campaigner
Simone Ficco, Barista/waiter
Janet Bennett
Christine Caldwell , Retired
Jagoda Tlok, Student
Flick Merauld
Tricia Hutt, Retired
Phil Butland, speaker, Die Linke Berlin Internationals
Hannah Barker
Jonny Jones, UCU member, Queen Mary University of London
Alison Knight
Peter Carney
Maeve McCann, Geneticist
Tabitha Spence, Lahore-based activist
Luke Evans, Queen Mary University of London Unison
Liz de Boisgelin
Frances Armour, Fundraiser
Norma Wright, Vulnerable Group
Carol Starrs, Disabled
Jonas Liston
Jaice Titus, UCU member
Sara Bennett, Freelance editor, Unite the union member
Jacquelyn Burke
Colin Fancy, Unite the union member and Socialist
Iona Mack
Susan Shand
Bob Carter, Professor Emeritus University of Leicester
Dr Peter Dwyer, Social Scientist/Anthropologist, University of Warwick.
Tim Wakeman
Hazel Graham
Stephanie Storrar
Paul Cross, Learning Disability support
Sarah Bowness
Thomas MacColl
Holly Brooks
Pasha Blanda, Teacher
Penny Krantz, Retired
Aaron Hillier, Film production
Graham Handley
Holly Brooks
Tim Harty, Marketing Manager
Sean Julliard, Marketing and communications
Adella Tucker, Freelance Producer
Elaine Stone
Astrid Edelman-McCabe, Student
Amy Grant, Communications Manager, School-Home Support (charity sector)
Emily Bamber, individual, student
Dan Hipkin, Company Director of TEA films
Hadi Enayat
Rob Hoveman, PhD student
Zoe Birdsall, Journalist
Chris Hicks, Retired IT lecturer
Haq Ihsan
Brendan Montague, Editor, The Ecologist
Jason Holdway
Annalena Di Giovanni, University of Cambridge
Laraine Mitchell
Catrina Julliard
Steve Dawe, Green Party
Heather Peters, Academic; social worker
E Lowe, Concerned individual
Nicholas Lowton, Painter and decorator
Julia Wagner, Student
Deirdre O’Neill, Lecturer
William Black , North Edinburgh anti poverty activist
Julia Bard, Writer and Editor
Steve Khan
Mary-Patricia Harrison, Head of Data Management Office, Insight Investment
Bruce Self, Nurse
Sofia Olins
Richard Brenner
Derek Bryant
Lingling Xu
Graham Wood, School Science Technician
Dr Paul Flewers, Historian
M. Cooper
J Bell, Volunteer family support
Sam Moulsher, Student
Paul Mansell
Dr Bob Cann
Anjelica Cleaver, Musician
Martin Sands, Unemployed
Gerry Platt, Self employed
Mark Cutler, Technician
Clare Fermont
Florence Hill, Retired
Anne Kyle, Social Worker
Andy Minett
Margaret Burden
Onyx Korn
Tricia Clarke, Councillor
Norman Traub, Pensioner
Seecum Cheung
Elaine Meeklah, Teaching
Alistair Cartwright
Abigail James, Autism and Dementia Support Worker
Stephanie Ramamurthy
Janet Smith, Scientist, writer
Dr Janet Smith, Scientist, Writer
Caroline Carney, Disabled Activist
Patricia Macleod
Chris Creech, Administrator
Gavin Cologne-Brookes, Professor
Linda Walker, Labour Member, Peace Campaigner
Teri Browett
David Kellaway, retired, unite community union and Labour party
Heinrich Smart
Jan Spencer, Retired teacher
Ralph Bannell, Universidade Católica do RJ
Colin Wilson, rs21 member, LGBTQ campaigner
Paul Phillips, Retired
Anna Brooks-Kasteel, Self-Employed
Paul Phillips, Retired
Dr Carrie Etter,
Nathan Bolton, Events Manager
Maria-Helena Santamaria
Andrew Curtin, Civil service
Martin Grimshaw, Self-employed
Martine Froggatt
Felicia Gordon, Retired lecturer
Jen Hill,
Nana Asante, IDPAD Coalition UK
Sharon Gillespie
Clare Griffiths, Domestic cleaner
Tuesday Greenidge, Artist
Columb Duffy, Mgr IT
David Brown
Emma Whittaker, freelance
Gregory Hesse-Wagner
Harriet Fraser, Sony
Kim Pugh
Leti Bermejo, Artist
Rich Moth, Lecturer in Social Work
Katie Pratt, Artist
Brian Gent
Annette Matthews
Steve Leggett
Ramona Ellis, Artist
Mair Jones
Samihal Abdeldjebar
Neil Rogall
Laura Cosgrove
Helen Barbrook, Charity worker
Danielle Marsden, Cor Gobaith
Jo Catlow, Marketing
Verity Walker, Social worker, Unison member
Lucy Shardalow, NHS
Mary Hannigan, Icenorum Living History
Isabel Cooke, Teacher
Caroline Anslow
Kathy Phillips
T Meredith Brown
Chris Hadley, British, studying in Hangzhou, China
Philip DB Flanders, Lecturer in Philosophy
Malaikat Nakal, Retired
Catherine Jones, Music teacher
Sharon Thompson, Phlebotomist
Clare Phillips, Counsellor
Richard Burchell
Paul Nettleton
Simona Nastac, art curator and poet
Cassandra Lorius
Helen Hewland, Retired
Gillian Motion
Abby Hoffmann
Martin Crook, Lecturer
Ashleigh, Teacher
Howard Rodney Feather
Maria Maza Brualla, María Maza
Norbert Marki
Rachel Benham, Health Care / security
Gemma Middleton, Creative Writer
John Holder
Tam Kirby, Chair of Fife Trades Union Council
Jo Exell, Landscape designer and activist
Veronica Knight
Derek Robinson
Stuart Kaufman
Maggie Gothard
Tony Gothard
Mike Anderson
Terry Chambers
Ruthi Brandt,
Kathryn Clark
Julia Wise
Janet Galpin, Retired
Jane Herbstritt
Estella Schmid, Peace in Kurdistan Campaign
Sandra Bolton
Helen Banks, freelance editor, lucky to be able to work from home
Victoria Burns
Marlon Allen
Deborah Knight, Labour Party
Taiwo Oshungbure, Security guard
Edward Bennett
Corrine White
Joseph Clancy, Vulnerable person
Clive Fudge
Gabriela Nistor, Professor
Tricia Stone
Louise Firat, Deputy manager, RMN
Sylvia Kellett
Angelica de Freitas e Silva, Lecturer
Susan Sim, Lecturer
Saleh Mamon
Neil Anderson
Marilyn Dismore, Retired
Andrew Kennedy, Member, SOAS UCU
Mustafa Rattansi
Shan Barclay, event co-ordinator
Deniz Kandiyoti
Aisha Coppack, Deputy Manager of a craft beer pub
Joanna Suchomska, Filmmaker
Antony Sharp
Remedios García Albert, PCE
Graham Evans, University teacher
Val Hiett, Retired
Dt Joan Miller, Retired Director of Public Health
Murray Jamieson, English Teacher on Zero Hour Contract
Revd. Denny Martin, Church Minister
Sean Gray
Ray Aplin, Rothbury Branch Labour Party
Avril Kelbie
Tony Goss
Liz Byrne, Volunteer
David Parsons, Retired
Carolyn Gelenter, Teacher
Rob Clarke
Ian Caunt
Caryne Pearce
Tariq Ziyad, Social media consultant
Joel Robinson, Teacher
Jacqueline Hewing
Lawrence Satherley
James Ross, Retired
Kate Hardie, Writer
Rosemary-Kate Hughes
Richard von Abendorff
Sam Richards, Musician, writer
Tony Gard, Movement for Justice
Joan Saul, retired and self isolated
Laura Hockenhull-Smith, Business Development Officer
Ellen McNay
Pippa Denton, Nursery worker
Roger Short, Writer
Johnny Aitkens
A. Kennedy
Gaja Maestri, Aston University
Marc Mason
Derek L. Sykes, Retired
Steve Ryan
Hazel Lewis, Retired
Mary Sayers, Mary Sayers
Lucy Reid
Linda Vines, English tutor
Barbara Gleave, Wirral South Labour Party
Richard Nicholson, IT Professional
David Callow
Neil Roberts, Journalist, NUJ member
Christopher Menon, Freelance journalist
Megan Foster
Hazel Roy, Theatre Director
Tim Barker, Retired
Rosemary Waterhouse, Retired
Jonathan Barker, Train catering steward
Jeff Brown, Retired
Paul Chynoweth, Rossendale & Darwen Labour Party
Rachael Barker, Teacher/local councillor
Elaine Hutchison